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Transaction Advisory


In the intricate dance of complex business deals, our transaction advisory services equip our clients with the expertise and insights needed to navigate every step of the way, from initial brainstorming to post-deal integration, by providing strategic insights, mitigating risks, and ensuring the success of various financial endeavors. 

Our team delivers superior expertise, unwavering focus and technical skills when performing the following types of transaction advisory engagements.



Our M&A advisory services focus on helping our clients to maximize value and minimize risk throughout the deal lifecycle. In the pre-transaction stage, we provide value to our clients by performing transaction structuring and modeling to help design the optimal deal structure and build financial models to analyze potential synergies, returns, and risks.  In the post-transaction stage, we offer dispute resolution advisory services providing expertise in negotiating resolutions and minimizing disruption. When a company faces financial distress, our advisors provide expert guidance on restructuring debts, operations, and ownership structures.  When companies undergo carve-out transactions, we help our clients navigate the complexities of divestitures and spin-offs.


In the high-stakes world of mergers, acquisitions, and other complex transactions, fairness opinions stand as crucial tools for ensuring transparency, minimizing risk, and protecting shareholder interests. Nouvelle Analytics' advisors offer specialized fairness opinion services to provide an independent and objective assessment of whether a proposed transaction is fair from a financial standpoint. When performing a fairness opinion engagement, we dive into our clients' deal, apply established valuation methodologies, account for uncertainties, and draw upon our industry knowledge to deliver an independent and objective conclusion supported by a concise letter report. 

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