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Financial Disputes & Investigations


Our team guides clients through financial disputes and investigations with a strategic and meticulous approach. Whether our clients are dealing with financial discrepancies or contractual disputes, our services are tailored to provide clarity and resolution. We leverage our expertise to conduct thorough analyses, unravel financial intricacies, and present compelling findings that stand up to scrutiny. With a commitment to precision and a deep understanding of financial landscape, our firm strives to navigate clients through challenges, offering strategic insights and expert support throughout the resolution process. 


We specialize in the comprehensive assessment and calculation of economic damages for a wide range of legal matters. Our clients trust us to perform economic damages calculations with precision and clarity, empowering them to achieve fair and just compensation. Our team performs damages calculation engagements related to business economic damages, including lost profits damages and lost value (diminution of value) damages.


Whether our clients are navigating disagreements over equity valuation, or alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, Nouvelle Analytics offers a reliable approach to quantify and address financial claims effectively. With a focus on accuracy and transparency, we leverage our financial expertise to analyze complex financial structures and provide clear, well-supported calculations that contribute to the resolution of shareholder disputes, ensuring fair and equitable outcomes for all parties involved. 


When disagreements about value lead to contentious disputes related to a shareholder buyout, complex business transaction, marital asset division, or other matters, our clients rely on us to help them unveil the truth behind the numbers, empowering them to secure fair and just outcomes. We dissect assumptions, challenge methodologies, and illuminate hidden truths that bring clarity and confidence to our clients' case.


When contractual agreements encounter challenges, our clients turn to Nouvelle Analytics for thorough analyses, precise quantification of damages, and strategic guidance. Whether it's assessing financial losses, evaluating performance issues, or offering expert testimony, we excel in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of breach of contract disputes. With a commitment to unwavering professionalism and a deep understanding of financial intricacies, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve fair and equitable outcomes and resolution in the face of contractual conflicts.


In the complex realm of intellectual property disputes, where stolen ideas translate to tangible losses, Nouvelle Analytics steps in with unparalleled precision meticulously calculating the true financial impact of infringement, misappropriation, and other intellectual property injustices. For clients facing patent infringement, trademark disputes, copyright or trade secret issues, we tailor our approach to their unique case, ensuring that the financial aspects are thoroughly examined and presented effectively.


When performing financial forensic investigations, our approach integrates forensic accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to thoroughly examine financial information to uncover instances of fraud and financial mismanagement, addressing business valuations, handling contractual disputes, or ensuring regulatory compliance.



Leveraging our expertise, we conduct meticulous investigations to identify and analyze instances of financial misconduct. Whether it's tracing misappropriated assets, uncovering corrupt practices, or delving into fraudulent financial statements, our team is dedicated to uncovering the truth. With a commitment to transparency and precision, we work closely with clients to navigate the complex landscape of fraud investigations.


Recognizing the sensitive nature of marital dissolutions, our specialized services are designed to provide comprehensive financial insights during these challenging times. Our team of financial advisors provides trusted guidance and meticulous investigations to ensure a fair and equitable outcome in divorce proceedings. We offer tracing of separate and community property, asset valuation, fraud investigations, spousal lifestyle analysis, spousal income analysis, and expert witness support.



In times of financial distress, our specialized advisory services are tailored to assist businesses, creditors, and stakeholders through the complexities of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. We offer valuation of assets and liabilities, creditor claims analysis, fraud and mismanagement investigations, liquidation analysis, solvency tests, and operational restructuring and turnaround advisory services.


Our clients rely on us when their financial matters require a seasoned professional to provide clear, credible, and compelling testimony. With extensive experience in financial analysis, valuations, and forensic investigations, our experts are well-equipped to communicate complex financial concepts in a way that is easily understood by judges, juries, and other legal professionals. Whether our clients are dealing with litigation, arbitration, or dispute resolution, our commitment to precision and clarity ensures that our expert testimony stands out as a valuable asset in the courtroom.

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